A Small Farm Future


A Small Farm Future: Making the case for a society built around local economies self-provisioning agricultural diversity and a shared earth. By Chris Smaje

In a time of uncertainty, what would a truly resilient society look like? A Small Farm Future is a ground-breaking debut, destined to become a modern classic – planting a flag at the intersection between economics, agriculture and society at a time of immense crisis. Farmer and social scientist Chris Smaje makes the case for organising human societies around small-scale, local, agro-ecological farming in order to meet the environmental and political challenges of our time. Drawing on a vast range of sources from across a multitude of disciplines, A Small Farm Future analyses the complex forces that make societal change inevitable; explains how low-carbon, locally self-reliant, agrarian communities can empower us to successfully confront these changes head on; and explores the pathways for delivering this vision. Challenging both conventional wisdom and flawed utopian blueprints, A Small Farm Future offers rigorous original analysis of ‘wicked problems’ and hidden opportunities in a way that illuminates the path toward functional local economies, effective self-provisioning, agricultural diversity and a shared Earth.


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