Root To Stem


Root To Stem – A seasonal guide to natural recipes and remedies for everyday life.

Root to Stem is your pocket guide to using plants to boost your health, offering simple steps to incorporate more edible and medicinal plants of fruit and vegetables into your life, and make a real difference to your well-being in a way that also supports the planet. Medical herbalist Alex Laird shows you the surprising hidden benefits of common plants, such as nettles, which contain more calcium than milk, and aloe vera, which reduces indoor air pollution in your home. The book also includes instructions for creating common products using natural inredients, such as insect repellant made of lemongrass and rose geranium oils, and antiviral tea containing cinnamon, cloves and honey. Root to Stem will make you rethink the natural ingredients available on your doorstep in each season and lead you towards a healthy, satisfying and guilt-free life.


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