Handmade ‘Marbled’ Leather Bookmark


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Handmade Marbled Leather Bookmark by Willow Leather

These beautiful bookmarks are hand marbled from high-quality Italian leather. This particular leather is firm and has a smooth texture. Because of its design the bookmark won’t slip out losing your page, so you can mark the last line you were reading on.

Marbling is the technique of floating paints and dyes on the surface of water, to produce a one-of-a-kind pattern. As a result, no two bookmarks will ever be the same.

These bookmarks will wear beautifully over time and make a thoughtful and unique gift.

All products are designed and handmade with care by Amber Oates of Willow Leather.

Please note: the bookmarks are available in a variety of colours that will be picked at random from the colour option you select.
Colour options: Blue | Yellow | Orange

Dimensions: Length: 6cm Width: 3cm