‘As She Falls She Rises’ by Esme Rose Carrington


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As She Falls She Rises is a beautiful poetry book written by Esme Rose Carrington.

It is a healing book of poetry relating to mental health, nature, life experience, spirituality, truth, empowerment and love.

As She Falls She Rises contains poems that are written directly from Esme’s heart to yours. She expresses her human experience in a raw artistic way that is easy to digest and consume. Esme openly speaks on her journey of healing from severe depression and anxiety and how she has come back home to herself after years of being a slave to her mind.

“Writing this book was medicine to and for me, the poems within have helped me beyond what words could even begin to describe. I created this book with the intention of helping others come home to who they truly are.”
Esme Rose Carrington


Independently Published
May 2021
266 pages