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Rebekah Luther


My journey in yoga has taken many turns over the past 12 years of practice. Across countries, in pregnancy and motherhood, marriage, death, travelling and teaching.
I feel as though the knowledge I have learn’t through these amazing and testing periods in my life is something I am able to communicate as a benefit to others, after over 500 hours of teacher training in these ancient traditions and 12 years of dedicated practice. My intentions are to empower, love and challenge peoples perspective’s of themselves, through movement, connecting with breath and mindfulness, skills which have kept me going through the most challenging periods in my life, allowing trancendence into a more positive and vibrant way of living.
My training has included Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga, as well as Chanting and Pranayama training’s, but my teaching is unspecific, creating an evolved practice which is intuitive depending on the energy of the class and the need’s of the student. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everybody, whatever your body shape, type or ability and my classes reflect this variability through careful anatomically focused alignment queue’s.

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