Willow Handmade Leather ‘Marbled’ Keyring


These gorgeous hand-marbled keyrings by Willow Leather are made from vegetable tanned leather, which wears beautifully with age. Solid brass details add to the quality finish. Due to the keyrings being hand marbled no two keyrings will be the same, making them a unique and special gift.

The keyrings will be selected at random from the colour option you choose. Please note: due to every design being unique the colour pattern may not resemble the keyring shown on the image.

There are 3 colour options to select from for this keyring:

Option 1: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange
Option 2: Purple, White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise
Option 3: Orange, Yellow, Turquoise

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Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise